We’re supposed to get wildfire smoke within the next few hours as the heat dome continues.

Delta variant continues to be scary as hell. Somebody overlaid July 2020 over July 2021 and this bump will be worse, going through the unvaccinated. Realizing how easy it is for the vaccinated to carry and transmit the variant is terrifying to me. I am going to start masking again on the trails in Fraser Foreshore. I know Paul won’t (and he is HOPELESS at staying 6 feet away, although now we know it’s like cigarette smoke what use is that anyway).

I am in an okay mood, I just can’t move, think or act.

very tiny bit of editing on two stories

no practicing

no training Buster


an ordinary day

called Peggy, found out that Tom is not having a great time, but he’s alive and kicking, so there’s that, and ran two loads of laundry including my new favourite cloth masks, and emptied and refilled the dishwasher, and found out there is another rat in the wall and the rat Buster caught didn’t help, and practiced and possibly wrote another instrumental on the ukelele, and watched some TV, and ate the Burger Den Mushroom burger Jeff got me, and now I’m wrassling with my bedding, since I washed my bedding like a sensible person.

I am still thinking about best roommate, there’s a scene I keep writing and rewriting in my brain but it’s really heavy in terms of the power relationship between our two knuckleheads and I want it to be incredibly light and airy and delicately emotional and I haven’t felt my way to it yet.

I even broshed my toofs

Damn I love timmy ho’s coffee

Jeff got some yesterday and we never do it two days running, but oh the mighty urge.

Yesterday I ran the dishes, practiced, cooked up the last of the chicken, kept my driving skills current in Paul’s car, paid the rest of the dentist bill (thank you mOm and pOp) and enjoyed a lovely walk in Fraser Foreshore. Other than that I didn’t do a damned thing, but I had a great day.

Right now the rumble and crash of the trash truck is making its way through the alley.

Relatives are re-reconsidering their holiday options, given that Alberta has gone spare and the case rate is rising AGAIN in BC, what the fuck, people. I was thinking about Victoria again. I know it seems weird given that Jeff and Keith have both visited but my fears are real and not subject to just being switched into a corner.

Of course my allergies are bad right now so I’m sneezling a lot, and that makes me think about what exactly in the way of fomites and aerosols of unusual pathology I’m spraying around….


little birdies

The nesting pair of Great Blue Herons was at Fraser Foreshore Park today; they went to their usual haunts and one of them yelled at the water for a while for reasons that were completely opaque to me and Paul. We saw what I believe was a Pacific wren trot at a great rate of knots across the trail. I fed the last of the unsalted roasted peanuts to the crows, and glad they were of it.

It was almost too hot to walk, but in the shelter of the cottonwoods it was deliciously cool.

No other critters…. it’s starting to get to be the quiet part of the year, the male birds aren’t singing as much. But even when we see nothing, this guy sees lots.

happy family news

Paul got a job! he’s working part time for the thrift store around the corner from us both here in East Burnaby. I had the Sudden Strong Urge to phone Keith (I try to ask if he’s got 15 minutes and tell him I don’t have an agenda at the beginning of the call so he can pace himself, I think I remembered that last night) and among other news, I gleaned that. I am thrilled. We talked about sleep hygiene and how he’s adjusting his cooking style to suit his housemates, which is also happy making news.

I am well rested and in a good mood, maybe I’ll get my executive dysfunction whipped into something like a shape and get something done today.

wotta meal

four perfect things:

seared ahi tuna

homemade wasabi sauce

pan seared yellow peppers

thai rice with a macédoine of vegetables

Plated beautifully and served red hot.

Plus nearbeer and some OG Kush


THEN I slept in until 8:30. Mike bought a weighted blanket. I’ve had coffee and I think eggs are happening and life in the eyrie is once again glorious.

land ack

For the waters, skies and lands of sohl temexw I give thanks; for the people and creatures and the rivergrass; for the eagles and herons and ducks; for everything that moves in its own life, I give thanks; for the ancestors of all the salish peoples who shared its bounty and their children who rise, I give thanks, for the rocks which seem permanent and are not, I give thanks, and I offer my gratitude in the brilliant morning for the privilege of walking and flying and rolling and paddling here.

Expanse rewatch

I really wish I could get mOm and pOp to watch the Expanse. It has so many superior moments in sci-fi -stuff where the physics and inertia of situations are really dealt with in visually amazing and reasonably accurate ways – and politically it’s as astute and observant as any adult TV can expect to be.

I just rewatched season four for the first time. There are so many things about it I didn’t get the first time (and I read the books…) and many of the things that annoyed me about it the first time really spun me up on rewatch. Now I’m seeing the desolation of the Martian Republic after the Ring gate opens  against the collapse of the American Empire, which we are now watching in real time. Can you not see senior American army logistics people selling off American tech to the highest bidder as soon as a civil war breaks out or there’s a disaster which destroys the chain of command, however briefly? I know I can. This is the pointy, gritty, dying end of the collapse. it’s horrifying. And it’s completely normal and predictable. The Russians and the Chinese do not even have to plot it! all they have to do is prepare for it. To have the suitcase of cash ready when the materials become available.

The Marco Inaros terrorist/ belter leader /character is annoying af but people like that always are. The speechifying. The visions ‘of our people’, the psychopathic willingness to sacrifice anything in its path.

450 words on ‘best roommate’.

I’m trying to keep my mood good but it’s literally minute by minute. No shrimp curry last night, they only had beef instead, but damn it was good. Really good.

Better Days

Definitely feel better this morning. Here’s a pic of James Dean and Eartha Kitt in a bar in NYC.

We’ve started watching Ted Lasso, and we’re enjoying it. I can see that it’s about mental health.

I don’t know why all the people are complaining about this season’s Rick and Morty, it’s better than previously and easily as funny. I guess female characters getting bigger story lines has the poopy pants brigade out in force.

I got curried shrimp from Da Roti Shak yesterday and I feel so much better. It’s definitely comfort food for me.