Fraser Foreshore

Paul and I went for a lovely walk at Fraser Foreshore yesterday.  I finally remembered to take peanuts, and was rewarded by two separate encounters with Bold as Brass Crows. They never got closer than about five meters, but they didn’t wait to come towards me, either, once they saw the peanut bag.

I’m pretty sure, mOm, that the duck we saw was a female widgeon. Also, we saw a killdeer. No hummingbirds; heard a pileated woodpecker as we passed.

There were what seemed like dozens of herons, they were flying so much. Most people were not wearing masks, which isn’t a problem, and we saw SO many honey bees it made my heart glad.

Then we came back here and ate pizza.

I made a really nice chickpea curry. I started with a bag of dried chickpeas, soaked them in four changes of water, cooked them slowly for hours with vegetarian broth, drained and rinsed them thoroughly, and then threw in a can of diced tomatoes. While that continued to simmer, I fried half a purple onion and four cloves of garlic in some butter, and threw  that and a couple of tablespoons of curry powder, pepper, extra turmeric, lots of Realime juice, two teaspoons of sugar and then two teaspoons of maple syrup into the pot and let simmer for a while. Then I added coconut milk.



It’s really really tasty. I think I’m going to run some over to Paul today.

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