I am sad … or is she

I have done something really dumb again and I don’t know what to do about it but wait until I can make phone calls in the morning.

I am how you say unhappy and remorseful and I’ve decided to add cheerfully deciding: it’s okay, I’m trying to get help.

Nothing in this life is certain in prospect. We’re lucky some of it is provable in retrospect, and predictable in some cases to some minimum standard. In this case, I already know what can happen.

I am staring at the screen, and thinking of how the new Finale software exports directly to MP3, which honestly I think is new from the version I purchased in 2019. Anyway it certainly made me feel excited when I was having a quick whip-round of the menus. I immediately got onto a really simple entry song, it’s in Am, Thorfinn’s Song has a couple of unnaturals in there, the little dears, but where I really went nuts was putting emphasis on certain notes. THEN, on playback, o my, and even better when you have the right instrument for the song selected! or group of instruments, but I’m just playing with a few violins at the mo.

I shall keep playing…

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