Suzanne is here

She has done the kitchen floor god bless her.

Peggy and I went shopping for a funeral garment for Tom’s service on the 27th and while we were at the Annacis Island Value Village she said, “You know, I thought I didn’t have anything to wear when I was at home but now I think I do.” So she’s going to wear things that were already in her closet and happy I was to go with her.

Paul and I will go for a walk later this afternoon.

I saw a Neptune flying as we were pulling into the Value Village, I assume for a Remembrance Day flyby.

Think I’ll have some mac and cheese.

l a t e r

That didn’t make me happy enough so I put new potatoes, a sweet potato, and a very small acorn squash in the oven and now we wait.

Lest we forget


Sue Gillespie

You just can’t tell how much you’re going to love someone the first time you meet them. She was a remarkable person; funny, hospitable and a true lover of bassett hounds. When I want a laugh, I think of how, had she been spared, we would have argued for hours about what Peter Jackson got right and wrong with his LOTR movies. How I would love to sit across from her at Tak Sun – which is still open in London – one more time in the dim light, slurping back dim sum.