They’re evacuating about 7 blocks of Merritt BC right now

Those fuckers in the provincial government, who passed on the cell phone alert system for weather that the rest of Canada has, have been bald-faced saying that they haven’t heard of any deaths and that weather alerts ‘are for local governments to handle as per their local requirements’. YEAH THANKS A PANTLOAD Mike.

No deaths have been reported in the MSM but I have seen pics that make it impossible to believe we got through this unscathed in terms of loss of life, and farm animals and wildlife have almost for sure been victims.

The storm has dumped up to 250 mm of rain on an enormous swathe of Solh Temexw. The average yearly rainfall is 2351 mm, so that’s one tenth of the annual precip in 48 hours.

I know that this is the wet coast, but I’d like you to picture how we get 2351 mm of precip annually in Vancouver and got ~250 mm in 48 hours (probably closer to 180 here, but BIBLICAL). To put it another way we normally get the same amount of rain in the entire month of November. Locally *as at the Burnaby South collection station* 100 mm in the last 24 hours.


The wind picked up and rolled Paul’s red canoe.

On its Twitter page, the City of Burnaby says the following roads are closed until further notice:

  • Still Creek Drive from Eastbrook to Douglas
  • Douglas from Norland to Goring
  • Westminster Avenue from Still Creek to Regent Street
  • Limited access to Regent Street from Douglass Road


from twitter. East Abbotsford overlooking Matsqui. On a normal day there are no fucking lakes there. Name of photographer will be added if learned. From @justmehereM

I’m now getting pics from reddit about condo building parking structures flooding in Langley. People are joking shut up now they’ll charge an extra 200 per month for pool maintenance….

Tulameen and Princeton are also as of noon today subject to evac orders.

walking at Lougheed

We went to Lougheed Mall for a mall walk, and I bought Purdy’s chocolates (Sweet Georgia Browns) and choc croissants for Jeff (okay I had one). Paul finally collected the bouncy exercise ball for Katie.

The rain, which has been unceasing, has caused landslides and flooding all around Abbotsford and Agassiz. Power’s out in loads of places and there’s a evac centre that’s been opened. Hundreds of cars are stuck on the highway between landslide points.

For the middle aged woman sitting on the roof of her car waiting for rescue just this minute, I’m thinking of you and hope you make it.