very brief walk, a few loads of laundry

I have roused myself from yesterday’s stupor, which could have been caused by anything between a small stroke and the marthambles (possibly hollow heels, see thrumps) or just plain being flattened by the pandemic and Kyle Rittenhouse BEING ACQUITTED like holy shit, and the RCMP officers whose pensions are tied up in tar sands are beating the shit of out the Wet’suwet’en defenders, and the BC government took days to declare an emergency when the Coquihalla is broken like a Lego set, and we’ve got yet a new Delta variant, and I still haven’t practiced anything for Tom’s service and so I’m kind of overwhelmed. There was a baby in there too, I could swear I remember that part.

Anyway, I’ve had breakfast and made tea and started brown buns and filled the dishwasher and emptied the sink and finished a fanfic and it’s only 7:30

Paul and I went for a short walk yesterday – he rode over here on his bicycle and then DIDN’T SEE my bike (which is clearly visible) in the carport so he scared the shit out of me tell me that it had been stolen. I mean, Paul could have majored in ‘looking right at something without seeing it’ the entire time we was merrit but seriously that was not fun. I told him about his flying canoe (it tried to fly during the wind storm).

Spoke to Mike and Dave yesterday on the phone. They both could be doing better but are getting by.

I bet I just go back to bed now.