accomplishments … are they?

went to Timmy Ho’s this morning. We shouldn’t have but there you have it. I should have gone to the library but I was too lazy to leave the house a second time. However I did chop up the ginger chicken for sammiches and I did sew elastics onto my orthotic slippers so they fit more snugly and I did add more pieces to the puzzle with the balls of wool and the white kitty cat and I did practice my new song (in the style of Billie Eilish) and Buster prefers that because I’m wearing headphones while I’m doing it so he’s not inconvenienced. Wrote 530 words on the story about the restaurant and 510 words on the story about the artist who makes monumental homoerotic art. Ran the dishwasher. Remembered to take all my drugs. Made poached eggs over diced tomatoes with cumin and garlic for supper and Jeff et it too. Fed the corbies. Tomorrow is Dunnett Day.

We’re going to have an atmospheric river again.

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