Graeber quote

I downloaded a spectactularly useful (to me) and clearly written work about anarchism entitled Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology and have done up this quote:

Graeber quote
Expose, subvert and undermine structures of domination.

Also, I made mac and two cheeses with basil and capers yesterday. Jeff devoured some of the salmon Mike cooked.

We watched the new Bond film, No Time to Die, which, from its Eilish opening song (the film has a cold open that lasts like 25 minutes before you get it) to its final frame is actually very good (with plot holes, I don’t think the Broccoli enterprise does anything else).

Katie came over and we had a nice conversation about the computer she and I are going to subsidize so Alex has a gaming machine.

I have almost two hundred hits on my most recently posted fanfic and one incredibly sweet comment. I have a couple more planned and three more almost finished.

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