Short walk plus Vietnamese food

Paul and I went for a short walk in the neighbourhood, locating about seven thousand dollars worth of expended fireworks in the process.

While we were on the walk we sat on a bench and just ABSORBED sunshine, because it was an incredibly warm and gorgeous day, and I did the visual purple thing. If you have average colour vision:

1 sit someplace with your glasses off and your eyes closed, facing the sun.

2 wait

3 wait some more

4 at first the light behind your eyes looks orange. Over time the colour changes until it’s a smooth, even, silvery green

5 palm your eyes

Your visual field will FLOOD WITH PURPLE a colour of such magnificent intensity that you’ll go HOLY COW. because seriously, you didn’t know what it is like to recharge the rhodopsin in in your colour vision.

Congratulations, briefly, your colour vision and visual acuity will briefly improve.

Sadly, if you have floaters, you will see all of them while you’re waiting for the rhodopsin.


Then we went to Edmonds Pho.

I got the electric piano cleaned off and set up downstairs.  I got the spare acoustic guitar (the one John and Paul gave me that has a huge crack in it because Keith dropped the guitar on purpose (he says not but people don’t smirk if that’s not true) in the driveway at the Augur Inn) and the Johnson mandolin hung up in the racks upstairs because I rarely actually play them. I ran the dishwasher and did two loads of laundry. I think I left a load in the washer though.

I finally got hold of Mike. He is still employed. He is ravaged by insomnia though and sounds at a low ebb.


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