800 words on ‘landslide’

Walked at Lougheed Mall with Paul yesterday; he got some bread and veg and I got Purdy’s Dark Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns because I have no chill. After I drove him back here for Lentil Soup and Shirazi salad which he devoured with thanks.

He and I had a guilty laugh about the downstairs toilet; the downstairs toilet is the way it is because MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO my Unca Dave told Paul that the only way to put in a downstairs toilet for John’s apartment when he moved in with us back in 1997 was a hell of a kludge which would come back to bite somebody later AND THAT SOMEBODY TURNS OUT TO BE JEFF. I mean seriously who the hell could have seen that bit of family history ABOUT A TOILET happening, it’s like a monty python sketch.

Jeff in turn asked me yesterday if I was okay with him continuing to ponder the reseating of the downstairs toilet (because we’re down to one toilet as a fam) and I said ARE YOU KIDDING it’s work I don’t have to do and I am not inconvenienced in the slightest just in case you wanted further evidence about what an amazing roommate he is, also the landlady should buss his cheeks and praise his name the next time she sees him (pLEASE nO says Jeff)

Worked on a couple of fanfics; overnight there were three ‘kudos’ in my inbox. People are still reading my fanfic and enjoying it, so that’s nice.

At some point I hope to make some biscotti happen for Peggy. I toasted the almonds but they’re kind of suboptimal; I’m having to go through them and give the wrinkled dry yucky ones to the crows.

Juncos and chipping sparrows are coming for the sunflower seeds now. They come at a different time of day than the crows. There were five crows yesterday, making a tremendous racket; they hardly moved when I opened the door.

My BP is still too high. I have to completely stop eating salt and I sure don’t want to.

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