Cleaning specialist day

Today, my room. This is big and emotional and horrific as an ADD sufferer but you know what, Suzanne doesn’t judge. I also have a Christmas Prezzy for her. And the toilet is out of the downstairs bathroom so she doesn’t have to do that room today.

Jeff says if it improves my mental health he’s all in favour of paying Suzanne to help me with it, once again confirming that he is a Very Good Person.

I’m not a hundred percent sure if the grisly business amidships is Metformin induced or I have a gut bug, but I am not leaving the house today.

Quick break while I empty dishwasher and swap laundry over…

Brekky was an almost salt free affair: steamed asparagus smothered in scrambled eggs, with a side of golden kiwi fruit and a reduced-salt fresh baked home made whole wheat bun. The asparagus was kinda off-flavoured but still edible and I *nailed* the scrambled eggs, perfect really.

850 words on the BC flooding fanfic – it’s really coming together nicely, and I walked back a scene that wasn’t working, so go me. THEY’RE ALONE IN A CAMPER VAN and the trope continues AND THERE WAS ONLY ONE BED. Didn’t think this through, did ya fellas.

I put in all the family names as prompts for the AI art thing and look what it made…. I mean it should be an UPSUN cover or something it’s so magnifisumpin.

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