Ryker in a pram

Pushed Ryker up and down New West Quay for a good chunk of yesterday morning, as he and Alex and his mother and I got out of the house for some much needed exercise and air. It was ICY AF and Katie and I and Alex all almost fell down at least once, but almost made no bruises, so that was good.

Called my mother, Paul and Peggy; Peggy’s going to make us some mince tarts and she’s saving the biscotti I gave her until Christmas day. Paul’s supposed to drop by this am for a walk in Fraser Foreshore.

Keith is no longer going to Victoria and we’re all really sad about the necessity but I for one am relieved, very relieved.

Started S2 of Witcher, and am LOVING IT I do so love Geralt the Grunter. Henry Cavill has one of the sweetest frames a man ever draped leather over.


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