So I ate ESSSSEEDINGLY poorly yesterday but it was like a gap day and I’m back on the eating gooder wagon today. Chazerei is Yiddish. It is used for junk, stuff of little value but there’s a word for pig embedded in there so if you’re eating chazerei there’s a hint that it’s swinish badness.

I’m having a tough time remembering to drink enough if I’m not drinking tea, but my ureters start tugging their waistcoats and looking annoyed if I drink too much tea, so that’s a bit of an issue. I think I’ll make peppermint tea first and then take it from there. MUCH laundry today. I can well imagine Jeff saying why bother doing it if you can’t put it away, but one thing at a time dear lawd.

I was supposed to have a doc appointment but she never called me.

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