a little after six am

Finally managed to fall back asleep sometime around three am. I am now feeling weird and hollowed out and shaky, but I’m not experiencing pain, nor is there fever. I do think I’m getting better, but I just feel so betrayed, not knowing what is wrong, and other than drinking more liquids I don’t know what to do about it. My balance is shot; I nearly fell twice last night.

Jeff’s going to make a Timmy’s run (mebbe) and if he does, I’m going to have me a big mug of coffee.

This image is illegal in PRC.

This is apparently the first known photo of ‘the middle finger’ … he didn’t invent it but isn’t it perfect? Charles Radbourn in 1886.

pain pain pain

Canna sleep.  When I lie on my back I feel hungry but there’s less pain. When I lie on either side my guts slide around (I can feel it) and put pressure on the top of my stomach and it just hurts so bad. In amongst all that I can feel the snarly bits of my ribs where the costochondritis is acting up (although it’s not as bad tonight, it just sends a message once in a while.) Prone is worst for that, and my stomach hurts too.

So anyway it’s 1:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep, how are *you* doing.