Another little walk

This time Paul and I went to the park and then ordered Ph`o the broth of the gods WITH all the extras. We had it delivered. I am no longer eating in restaurants. I felt safe enough to do it last fall, but no freaking way, these days. People I know and love who are vaccinated are catching COVID and getting dog-sick, none for me, thanks.

Yesterday I managed a load in the dishwasher and a couple of loads of laundry but now I have to put them away, the story of my life.

Hopefully a small shop today. Yes I should be getting stuff delivered or go for pickup but it’s hard for me to do and it’s not as crowded as a restaurant and I’ve got a mask on the entire time, which… er, you can’t in restaurants.

Still working on the damned airport story. It’s a battle regarding how much self-awareness one character has. I don’t know exactly what it is about my brain that allows me to fall in love with such unseemly ease, but reconstructing that sensation is part of the appeal of writing fanfic and either this character a) understands that he’s in love with the other character and behaves accordingly or b) has misunderstood his own emotions and is definitely not feeling love; this is a rich friendship, not love except in the most general way. Okay there’s some sexual attraction but it’s not returned and the other person makes it easy to ignore. How do you make that either interesting or realistic?

These are the things that trouble my mind. I’m going to make coffee.