Jeff got his booster shot yesterday. So did the cashier at Save-On, and believe me, both of them are not fit to be working today. She had to open though. Sigh.

We did a small schlep this morning. Schlep means journey, it’s only in the 20th c acquired the meaning that you’re always carrying things as you schlep.

later…. I survived on hot baths and hot water bottles after my vaccinations, so I was glad enough to fit one up for Jeff.

Twitter is now providing hexagonal NFT icons. Imagine showing your whole ass in public, day and night, about how you’re the latest suckr for tulips and south sea bubbles. Imagine paying for that.  Heaving sighs, I am.


Peaceful day

Jeff has fixed my weird character problem on my blog. He literally had to run a script through the whole damned post database to decruft it, for which he has received my abject thanks.

Jeff also decided to get a burger and salad for me from White Spot yesterday and IT WAS GOOD and also the perfect amount of food, zero leftovers. The garden salad made me really happy and I ate every scrap. (Jeff got something else for himself.)

I have to stop eating my food so fast, it really causes problems. I had quite some discomfort around my sternum yesterday but it was gone after our early dinner. CHEW YOUR FOOD, …. SMALL FREQUENT MEALS.

Got wordle in 4 this morning. I’m keeping up a winning streak!

Paul and I will be going for a walk today, rain or shine. I had a lazy day yesterday and Paul mildly disapproves.