Peaceful day

Jeff has fixed my weird character problem on my blog. He literally had to run a script through the whole damned post database to decruft it, for which he has received my abject thanks.

Jeff also decided to get a burger and salad for me from White Spot yesterday and IT WAS GOOD and also the perfect amount of food, zero leftovers. The garden salad made me really happy and I ate every scrap. (Jeff got something else for himself.)

I have to stop eating my food so fast, it really causes problems. I had quite some discomfort around my sternum yesterday but it was gone after our early dinner. CHEW YOUR FOOD, …. SMALL FREQUENT MEALS.

Got wordle in 4 this morning. I’m keeping up a winning streak!

Paul and I will be going for a walk today, rain or shine. I had a lazy day yesterday and Paul mildly disapproves.


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