shlepping trip

I am very happy that I’m home, but it’s also lovely to have FOOOOOOODICLES and treeeeeeaaaticles.

Walmart was a ghastly ordeal but I didn’t have another place to go for the stuff I needed.

My Vancouver Aquarium masks arrived (including one for Alex) but paypal refunded my money. I’ve now sent two emails to the address associated with the purchase but Pauline, whoever the fuck she is or isn’t, was only prepared to give me a website address WITH NO CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL.



as good a day as

at 5 am I walked the face shields over to Planet Bachelor and briefly saw our grandson (Paul got up to take a leak while I was there staggering across the eye like a zombie in the background, grunting at my greeting) and Katie, who gave me the joy of her company for a brief moment, and a lift home. Raining off and on all day.

Around 10 am Jeff and I trekked out and committed 6 WHOLE ERRANDS – me in medical mask and face shield, Jeff in his homemade mask; Shoppers Drug Mart, The eyecare place, Kin’s Farm Market, the bank machine in the Colonial City Mall, gas and treats at the 7-11. We parted ways to increase efficiency and achieved our goals in very smart order, retreating to the joys of Time Team and New Tricks, among other TV offerings, and things like laundry and dishes and making a lovely fresh salad and bringing new guys up to speed on the old server, for the rest of day. Cold chicken sliced over salad with a side of fresh corn on the cob for dinner.

It was a productive day, and the anxiety level in the house is way down.

I know that it is ludicrous that I feel safer walking around with a facemask but I really do. I’m shedding 95 percent less crap when I do, and I’m definitely less of a danger to the people around me, even if they look appalled and give me a wide berth as I pass. I’m going to double up whenever I go out now.

Miss Margot with a flicker feather in her fur

pics from the intarwebs

Memorial to lab animals from Russia

January 28 2020 I went on my blog to say Canada should close its borders (pace to the Indigenous who really should have more of a say….) and now here’s Tam supporting my view. Quite the little Cassandra be me.

a ‘snat’ presumably from medieval marginalia as embroidered by @cybiksana – some wag referred to it as a ‘catstropod’
“Based on this excellent creature from Stowe MS 17 f.185r.” per @cybiksana
Racist graffiti on the emblematic lions of Vancouver’s Chinatown. They’re duct-taping bleach to the poor beasts to get the hate speech off. From’s website today.
Doctor, my eyes have seen the years And the slow parade of fears without crying Now I want to understand
from this morning



sundry and variousness

Roger Ailes dead = good

Paul, Peggy and Tom came by yesterday with instruments. We talked instead of sang. Greg came with but he didn’t actually interact with me that much. We didn’t wear masks.

The weather here yesterday was spectacular.

My anosmia seems to be back and worse than ever. Jeff says it’s likely allergies but I have my doubts.

The banana bread I made tastes great but the heartburn literally WOKE ME UP at one am, so here I am. I’ve nuked up some tea and I’m waiting for brO to wake up before I do anything noisier.

Cannabis protects against COVID? er…

Card of the day is Magician… generally that means I’m going to hear from Mike. Wonder if I will.

sad tidings

Bert, Kim the landlady’s husband, has passed away, but in better news we’re rounding down our rent for the next little while….

three increasingly large waves are shown about to overwhelm a city captioned ‘be sure to wash your hands and all will be well’ the waves are captioned “COVID-19” “RECESSION” and “CLIMATE CHANGE”

Abstract – Racial Capitalism

Racial capitalism is a fundamental cause of the racial and socioeconomic inequities within the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in the United States. The overrepresentation of Black death reported in Detroit, Michigan is a case study for this argument. Racism and capitalism mutually construct harmful social conditions that fundamentally shape COVID-19 disease inequities because they (a) shape multiple diseases that interact with COVID-19 to influence poor health outcomes; (b) affect disease outcomes through increasing multiple risk factors for poor, people of color, including racial residential segregation, homelessness, and medical bias; (c) shape access to flexible resources, such as medical knowledge and freedom, which can be used to minimize both risks and the consequences of disease; and (d) replicate historical patterns of inequities within pandemics, despite newer intervening mechanisms thought to ameliorate health consequences. Interventions should address social inequality to achieve health equity across pandemics.

from Sage

poem ‘the open tap’

fantastical lights from faraway places
retain their moment in time and I mine
settling myself into the gendered slurry
that is English

those lights
candles for my bath
as I stub the life from this lepisma saccharina

here’s a snapshot
it will be six months later
during a pandemic
when I finally stir myself
to clean up its corpse

grey in life, grey in death
almost indistinguishable from the grout

I can’t write today, I can’t
I’m a mote, should be mute, a little scrotey
blemish on the terrifying backside of English letters
all jealousy, a tunnel through inadequacy
reaching up through all this debris
for a garden of kindness
a shield against the noise

a mask

over the top of my face
years ago I got the plague mask
years ago

and on the bottom of my face
a white rectangle, broken into diamonds
a fabric diamond on my face
I never had one for my hand
I am a metagraph of ‘something into something else’

my mind and my DNA

once I had a face and now
because I love you
I do not