Accomplishments 2021

First overnight sleepover with Alex

Witnessed the birth of my second grandchild, Ryker

Started collecting a pension

Rearranged my finances with the assistance of my fOlks and the support of my brO

Survived the pandemic – got vaxxed and boosted.

Recorded MOAR TUNES in January

Got all my musical instruments into the same room (the spare oom) which makes making music with Alex even easier

Started actually dealing with my health issues especially getting my BP down.


Helped my mOm deal with some creative issues with her family history, and deepened my appreciation of the benefits and hazards and beauties of family history.

Invented the term TWOOTLES for Twitter mutuals

Started feeding crows.

I sat with a dying man and read a poem about it at his memorial service, and we sang, too.

Started writing letters to rellies and friends on a semi regular basis (I owe half a dozen letters currently HAW)

Was able to identify that a birdsong was of a bird I had never seen, followed the sound and identified an out of range yellow breasted chat, but was later able to confirm that where the chat sang was bang in the middle of everything they need to breed.

Got birdies to eat out of my hands at Fraser Foreshore. I recommend it as an experience.



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