Someone posted a pic of their pet Eclectus and I was thinking of Little E. I tried to find the pictures pOp sent me in 2016 but I can’t find them, or I’d post them.

I have a nasty sore on the back of my neck from where my necklace was rubbing. Sigh. I am not a jewellery person. I shall douse it with peroxide at some point today.

The abdominal pain, if I’m interpreting the signs correctly, is actually back and muscle pain from a lightly pinched nerve from shovelling, worsened by inactivity and the fact that my ribs shift around a little. I need to get out for a walk and unkink myself but we’re going to get rude amounts of rain today and I’m not walking around a mall in COVID spike whether I’ve got the N95 to deal with it or not. When I took a bath and submerged myself with a flat back the pain briefly quit and it’s been much better since. I thought it was my abdomen in pain referring to my back but it was the other way around. Bodies are weird man, getting ghosts to run meat is weird, weird weird.

Very close to finishing a fanfic, deleted about two hundred and fifty words that were running the story off a cliff and recovered my aplomb. It’s the shortest one. The 20K one is just gazing at me biliously.


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