Fog has finally lifted a little kinda sorta, but that was an odd couple of days. At one time visibility was LESS than 100 m, which is incredible weather to last for hours around here.

Buster’s food schedule has returned to once a week for the wet food, at least until Jeff finds better food for his digestion. The difficulty is the cheap food which he adores gives him the shits… so he gets yummy food but I don’t want him to sit on me because he smells like shit and he fights like a tiger if I try to wipe his ass. (He can deal with all other cat maintenance with grace, but like Meat Loaf, he won’t do that.)

And speaking of Meat Loaf I remember sitting in Will T.’s Studebaker and listening (for the first time) to Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

Got this morning’s wordle in 3 guesses, which is nice.

I am SO CLOSE to finishing ‘Airport Dreams’. Still don’t think I’m going to finish writing it today.

I internet stalked one of my fanfic fans this morning. She’s a middle aged white woman from England. I kind of have a theme, don’t I? Anyway, like a silly she has the same twitter name as her AO3 user name, so that was like ‘doxxing 101’; I also know what bands she likes….

Did you hear the one about the cork-soaker, the sock-tucker, the cup-stacker, the coke-sacker and the mortar-forker?

Paul took me for a brief walk in the park at the end of the street yesterday, and he hung around for a cuppa. I GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE YESTERDAY.


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