More writing games

  1. I do not remember
  2. a spy
  3. Destiel fic in which the Dean character rescues the Cas character from a landslide
  4. Well it changes every day so I guess finishing “The Sword that Cries Ruin!” which is another fanfic which is already over 200K long
  5. Cochin.
  6. Scrivener
  7. Don’t have one. I guess Brainpickings comes closest.
  8. A.M.
  9. David J. Dowker, but unfortunately our writing process isn’t compatible. He’s a cogitator and I’m a pantser.
  10. fuck you it’s the published books I care about LOL
  11. ERM all of them? I do like Wine Gums
  12. Typing. Handwriting is for when I’m more thoughtful and less reactive.
  13. High fantasy. I’ve had stabs at it but they never ‘stuck’.
  14. Probably mystery. PLOTS MAKE ME DIE INSIDE.
  15. HAW HAW I bet anyone who knows the UPSUN series already knows the answer to this and the answer is yes.
  16. Name first.
  17. I don’t write heroes and villains because I reject the reductionist and colonial approach to plotting. (JUST TRY AND PROVE THAT WRONG.)
  18. JUST THREE ARE YOU HIGH. Jane Coaston. My God. It doesn’t matter whether she’s writing about college football or racism or local politics, there’s just something so crisp and clear about her writing. @apebbleinthesky is so wonderfully discursive about left wing politics without ever getting into the namecally stuff…@mssinenomine (Gabrielle Peters) is also a fiery fiery writer.

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