Time to acknowledge

Omicron is really, really fucking with my mental health. I’m terrified for my grandchildren – just because I’m not talking about it doesn’t mean it’s not true – and terrified for all the non-boosted and immunocompromised people I know and love, and you know who you are so I don’t need to call you out.

I’m angry into the next century at Dr. Bonnie. I’m filled with loathing at how immediate improvement to the ventilation of school classrooms isn’t on the top of the list of every school district in BC. I’m filled with despair over the testing situation. All of it has been a maelstrom; but since there’s no blood, no yelling, and no drama, it’s easy to dismiss.

Someone said on Twitter recently…. rather than misquote let me dig it up, because it’s HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW

Jan 2
If the pandemic ended tonight I still don’t think I would ever get over the two years of constant relentless exposure to the fact that very few people think human beings have a duty of care to each other.


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