Convoy observation

Keith and I didn’t protest, because there wasn’t a fixed point for the convoy to protest at.

So here, not orderly, is what happened.

The convoy #IvermectinInsurrection gathered in Langley and then drove along Terminal to Main, where it met a crowd of very conspicuous bicyclists around 10:30, 11 am. For an hour the convoy was stalled as everyone milled around and there wasn’t anywhere for the convoy to peel off to. Then the fucking cops busted it up and let the convoy spread out all over downtown – this happened around noon, and at that point all of downtown Vancouver was crisscrossed with maskless white people in trucks with massive Canadian flags honking and driving up and down.

Around 2 pm about 400 of them were gathered at Burrard close to the VAG, where rhetorically challenged people tried to whip the crowd up. THAT WAS WHEN I GOT SCARED. I knew they meant me harm, and it was a foul feeling. I am so glad I went with Keith.

Keith and I went first to Terminal and Main and then to Granville Station to observe and report.

It was fucking sad, and I’m not in a good place today. We had lunch at Earl’s. Apparently I got 4000 steps in (so Keith tells me.)

He had an interview yesterday, hope he gets the job if he still wants it.

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