look at my STRUGGLE

IMAGINE having three out of five letters correct three times in a row, I thought I was gonna run amok.

Doctor appointment on zoom equivalent today. They send me four reminder notices, I guess somebody finally noticed I have ADD.

The shit on twitter about Ottawa is melting my mind. There are so many cops on the ground right now, from all over Ontario. The antivaxxers LOCKED THE DOORS ON A BUILDING AND SET FIRE TO IT.

Not much writing. Not much of anything. I was so exhausted and braindead yesterday I slept for most of it. Today I’ll do a couple of loads of laundry and finish that letter to auntie Mary, it’s been months.

In our desperate attempt to find a lighthearted show to watch (everything is SO FARKING GRIMDARK DESE DAYS) I prompted Jeff to find Leverage; it’s the same folks who did the Librarians (John Rogers, whom I followed on twitter for a while as He Is Funny but also a little too centrist for my taste LOL like I can expect a showrunner to be an anarchist). Anyway, it is a light hearted show and it’s like Mission Impossible crashed Burn Notice’s party while scraping content from White Collar. The characters are all likeable and the writing is sharp without being brittle, and Timothy Hutton is way better in it than I was expecting (subtle, reactive, sweet, it’s ver’ nice). Christian Kane continues to be every fangirl’s second favourite bi icon….


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