pOp and brO are going to watch the pinnacle of sportsball this weekend, yup Jeff is going to Victoria this am and will be back Mondayish. Just a reminder that most sports fans are still reeling that the Beagles, Bugles, Bungles and Bangles (as the Cincinnati Bengals are variously and humourously called) were never expected to get this far…

One little kudo this morning. I’ve been plugging away on stories a couple hundred words at a time. Very close to being finished Mary’s letter, hope to mail it today.

a middle aged white woman with medium length hair wears a long, long-sleeved black dress and bare feet


this dress, which I bought about ten years ago is now so full of holes and so washed out that I can only wear it as a housedress, is still one of my favourites. I do like cotton knit as a something to make garments from.

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