pleasant day

Paul and I went for a walk, went out for phó, and went to Walmart (sigh) to get a bathing suit for me and a Blood Pressure Monitor (same model as mine so he could calibrate it) for Paul. Imagine my ire and stomping when I learned that he’s BEEN GIVEN BP meds and isn’t taking them. So I didn’t actually stomp, I listlessly itemized the medical problems caused by high blood pressure.

Made some phone calls.

Later that day I was looking outside and it was absolutely pouring rain, so the rest of the day it was pleasant to either watch tv or hole up in my room and write a little (295 words on one project, a hundred on another).

I’m getting my hair cut on Monday. I may go back there for a dye job – Cindy goes to the place I am going and she’s always had lovely colours in her hair; but not the first time I go. I’m bidding farewell to my long long hairs because they keep ending up curled into one armpit and then they spring like a trap when I roll over in bed AIIIIYEEEEE