Some greek to go with the site branding

“As a student of philosophy, he was coarse and heedless in appearance, and his clothing was squalid”

-Philostratus, from the @sentantiq twitter account

and here’s something you don’t see every day on menus (found it yesterday while thinking about dinner):

If you don’t know what Cordyceps Militaris is, GOOD. That means you can ignore the next three sentences if you want to. It’s a fungus that grows on living, and then dead, insects. SHUDDER AND HURL. I am a very white person and I think there are a lot of perfectly edible things I can’t eat because I have culturally enabled squeamishness.

I found a new font called Truefesse yesterday (fesse meaning bum in french) and so I made this (Amelia script, also know as the Live, Love, Laugh font, is the handwriting font):

and here’s a list of Russian media outlets that died this past week per Alexey @ Meduza:

Gary Kasparov in 2014:



two medical appointments this week

One for the 24 hr bp monitoring, one for a check in at the doc, who’s FINALLY figured out that I have ADD. I could go on at length, but my own rants irritate me so I won’t.

I was hoping to see Mike this weekend to give him the gifts I got him but I never heard from him. People are just feeling like shit.

Jeff and I got dinner from D Roti Shak yesterday. There’s just something about their food that makes me happy… exactly the right amount of spice.

Kozak, a local Ukrainian restaurant which apparently has killer borscht, has a photo of Putin yelling, in the men’s urinal. It got shared on reddit.

I was supposed to get Alex for an overnight this weekend and it didn’t happen, and I was supposed to get a phone call to go swimming with the folks, and it didn’t happen. I’m assuming something screwed up with custody or someone wasn’t feeling well, but as I say, nobody’s telling me anything and I already call Katie more often than she probably wants to hear from me. Do I sound put out? Maybe a little, but I do remember just how hard it was to do ANYTHING when you have two kids to haul around. And I’m seeing Paul regularly so I hear about the kids and everyone sounds fine.

Started following Paul Blinkhorn from Time Team on Twitter and man I’m enjoying it. He’s a rabid lefty with a mouth on him like a token-sucker.

Very happy to report that Dave D is getting another poetry book published.

2309 words on the story. No kudos this am.

I’m going to make coffee and have leftover Trinidadian food for breakfast.