Ayesha’s buried in the yard

She has Miss Margot, Gizmo, Eddie, Zeek!, Kira and Bounce to keep her company. Paul said he’ll miss her head butts, and her little chirps, and her full body wriggles.

Paul’s grief stricken. I made him a light lunch and Jeff made him tea and we’re just being peaceful and mellow and unutterably sad at 2 pm. (we then watched a documentary about the Concorde and SST and a Hudson and Rex). Now it’s 5:30 and Paul is going home. His blood pressure is troublingly high and I told him to go to hospital but likely he won’t.

There’s more than one thing to be worried about. I left a message with Katie and wrote out the numbers for him and he put them in his wallet.

bp 118 / 78

That was in the doctor’s office yesterday. Nurse says I’m doing well, wish I agreed with her. I’m finding making the lifestyle changes just brutal.

Suzanne sparkled up the house yesterday. Buster loves her when the vacuum isn’t running and then books it to his various hiding places.

Ayesha will be euthanized today. She has a kidney tumour among other issues.

2 kudos this am, no writing.

Food shop this morning. Finally, some more sunflower seeds for the tweety birds. Also, massacre pony cheese (mascarpone).

In the manner of tyrants, Putin has fired or jailed (house arrest) the two senior court officers responsible for the intel on the Ukrainian invasion. (Beseda and Bolukh are their names). Some wags are saying that it’s for a failed assassination attempt, but they’d just be dead if that had happened. So yeah, they cozied up to a tyrant, lied to him because that’s what he wanted, and now they’ve paid the price. Like others.

The man who killed Che Guevera is dead.