schlep today

Yesterday we had a houseful, but it’s all people inside our bubble: Suzanne the Baby Whisperer, Alex the Tube Shot Master, Ryker the teething baby who still managed to be only cry for ten minutes or less, and Katie the magnificent. She came over at the end of Suzanne’s cleaning tenure and we had a simply lovely time. Alex played that xBox game with the crashing cars, and Ryker cried because he was teething and was calmed fairly readily by Suzanne. (Also by me, but survey says Suzanne is a marvel for that).

No writing yesterday because there were people here from 10 am to 5 pm and I took a break. Too early (as I type) for kudos.

I keep opening the fridge door to marvel at how clean and empty it is. Also that nothing DEAD wafts with all the delicacy of a hippo at a wallow through the house as soon as you open the door.

Suzanne vacuumed in the guest room; we determined that it had been just under a decade since someone vacuumed in there (it was a very amusing conversation). She also made the bed god bless her, I’d put everything on the bed so she could vacuum, snicker.

hey mOm I got Jeff to take a picture of me in my Oodie with Ryker (it was cold in the house) so ask him to send it to you also Jeff could you send it to me.

Three whole kudos this morning; all the same person. She started reading my fics two days ago and is working her way through them all by the look of things.