a tiny bit of slack

Jeff has accomplished much in his consulting work recently and he’s slacking off a wee bit, just enough for us to binge the most recently available season of ‘Shetland’ (with a seventh season coming in the fall of 2022.)

Us, heard calling at the screen at Season 6 so far: (more or less)

“Jesus, Sandy, don’t you ever do a vehicle check?”

“Sandy, fChrissakes.”

“Jesus, Sandy, try to be a little more subtle about committing career suicide.”

“Sandy, do you ever call for frikkin backup??”

“Aw Tosh you’re adorable when you make that face.”

“Go, Donny!”

“What an excruciating way to die, bleugh, shudder!”

“She’s lying her ass off!”

“Textbook way to deal with someone with dementia.”

“His first emotional reaction to things is often wrong.”

“What a cow, what a total cow, she’s pure fucking evil.” <— yes I do still use gendered slurs, this one came out when I wasn’t looking.

“Duncan, you idiot, she’s winding you up.” <— yes idiot is a ableist slur. I am trying very hard to cut that one out but idiot, moron and cretin are still in rotation.

“Will you look at that view.” (every episode)

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