Local photographer

Paul Cipywnuk made photo this at Fraser Foreshore this am.

Katie took me and Ryker walking at Deer Lake – she got to see a single garter snake. Then she ‘threw together’ a spectacular meal and went down for a nap, and Paul and I sang and played, and then I came home and hung out with Jeff watching TV and now I’ve taken my last food and drink and pills of the day and as early as it is at least I didn’t nap or drink alcohol and from the walk I’m feeling pleasantly tired….


a small white boy plays with two purple shaker eggs

there’s the little boy I love. He got bigger, and he’s still loveable playing with shaker eggs like a true filkkid. There’s the houseplant Jeff’s kept alive for decades, which continueth. There’s a rondel of art created by Alex. There are the kazoos we both still play. There’s the fabric curtain I made to keep flies out in the summer time. There’s the Guatemalan fabric bag Catherine gave me two decades ago. There are the chairs we got from Granny’s estate. There’s the expensive cat food Jeff feeds Buster. There’s the table I bought at IKEA when Jeff and I moved in together. There’s the place where Margot used to sit. There’s the place I hide Halloween candy.

There he is again, playing Xenon.

There he is with Margot in the background.

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