in Victoria

Ryker is charming his great grandparents with everything he’s got. He’s inches from being able to walk so that means he falls down and cries a lot. And then he promptly stops because he’s extremely cheerful.

Alex is also being delightful.

Trip over was nominal.

Back in Van tomorrow afternoon.

pOp showed me the two most important books in his collection. A science fiction short story omnibus with some brightly coloured and horrifying aliens, which he first ran across when he was reshelving books in the kids section of the main library in Saskatoon in the 1940s, and a Mickey Mouse book which was the first book he was ever given at the age of four, and which he had re-bound because the cover was trashed.

mOm found and donated to me and Jeff our old Viewmaster. FIRST ONE I PICKED UP WAS OG Addams Family IN COLOUR god I love my family. She also gave me Shirley Obuobi’s ON ROTATION because I told her to buy it and give it to me after she read it and SHE DID she read it and now I have a brand spanking new romance in a medical setting to read when I hit the bunk tonight YES.