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  1. I must start today’s Symphony of Yeesh with the observation that Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property has been raided (right down to the safe) by the FBI. Hear now in the ear of your mind an opening blast of strangely discordant horns, resolving into a mixed chorus of voices swelling in triumph, followed by a faint rippling echo of ‘Yakety Sax’.
  2. Someone’s serial killing Muslim men in ABQ. Apparently he attended the funeral of one of the men he killed, followed an attendee home and killed him there. This along makes me think that it’s an unhinged member of the community. LATER: CALLED IT.
  3. Putin seems to think shelling one of the biggest nuclear power plants in Europe is a great thing to do with modern weapons.
  4. had a medium length phone conversation with Keith yesterday. He wants a conference call with mOm at some point and I said sure.
  5. Absolutely loving Neil Gaiman’s the Sandman. It’s not an exact take on a thirty year old comic but things have changed since then
  6. This paragraph deleted as too enraging / clickbaity
  7. I love speculaas cookies. They are bad for me.
  8. 1581 words on Part II
  9. blew wordle this morning
  10. Taraji P Henson’s ancestral kin was the first man at the North Pole! her family must have the most amazing stories
  11. Must go one last time to the Swiss Chalet before it closes.