lovely time with Mike

Mike came by about 4:30 and we ordered fish and chips. (Once again Cockney Kings omitted the fucking cole slaw – I don’t want to order from there again) He committed retail therapy and showed up with a brand new used La Patrie which is a SWEET sounding little guitar, sharp as a knife, soft as a sigh, and we traded it back and forth a few times. It continues to amaze me how many songs that lad knows, everything from Merle Haggard to Paul Simon to Concrete Blonde. And so much Gordie Lightfoot. And the Skyrim soundtrack? I mean…. it’s a lot.

We also sang and played on the deck for a while. The next door neighbours STOPPED doing their dishes while we were singing Early Morning Rain, it was weird but also nice. Also during ‘The Bed’ and I’m thinking are they listening to the lyrics? okay….

I started falling asleep (no nap yesterday!) around 8 pm and asked him nicely to leave. It was so good to see him. And his guitar is a little sweetie. He also brought some Mango Haze over.

Can’t print out Zanne’s rental increase letter for her because I put the wrong ink in the printer and I probably need to clean the printheads.

Over to Paul’s today to encourage him to get his medical tests done, if he hasn’t already, which I doubt because he was volunteering at the charity shop yesterday.

Corn on the cob for breakfast and leftover fish and chips….

1753 words.

aircon was off most of the day, it got fucking hot in here