VR headset and Alex

HE IS SO CHUFFED. His mouth keeps falling open in wonderment and discovery. BUT

setting up a meta account fucking near killed me I am now officially pissed and I can’t ‘go forward’ from the groundhog day set up experience.

Gruncle Jeff has definitely definitely won the cool relative sweepstakes for the week. ALEX has found his way to youtube. Now he says TIRED NOW BACK TO PEGGLE (an xbox 360 game)

Jeff couldn’t book for a Sunday return thanks to the MURDER ON THE BC FERRY which turns out to be not a murder but a miscount of clients and who knows where he ended up. (walked off the ferry abandoning his car? wht the heck) so Jeff’s now coming back Monday. Sigh. Buster will be so so so very glad to see him.

metformin, coffee and a short walk

The foregoing combination was poopulous.


Fortunately I had my grandson Alex with me (full of Tim Horton’s finest) and he said that there were no brown stains, so I made it home without public embarrassment, just that drawn face and awkward gait that accompanies an er accidental blowout. I’m only sharing this so my mOm can smile sadly and nod. Getting old BLOWS I tell ya. I knew better, and got coffee anyway. On the plus side, I managed to avoid pooping myself until AFTER I picked up the amlodipine at the drugstore. So I managed to run an errand AND poop myself this morning, go me…..


Did I ever tell you about the time I pooped my pants on the transit in Montreal? This would have been when I was in my thirties…. it’s a sad and smelly tale with a happy ending.

2238 words


JUST TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL BETTER, here are all the comments (all of them) for my “Accidental Mr. Right” destiel story. Look at all the strangers I made happy!

I really really liked it

This was…. everything :}

Another lovely story. Thank you for sharing.

This was absolutely fantastic. Xx

You made me cry

Amazing!!! This was fabulous and I plan on reading it again so that I can take it all in. I loved the internal monologue from both boys and I was ready to cry both when Cas went back to Georgia and when he came back to Dean. THAT SIGN AT THE AIRPORT!! Great job, thanks for sharing.


Your stories contain some of the absolute best banter I have ever read, ever. Coupled with the sweetness and cuddling and softness, the wit and cleverness works so, so well. One million kudos to you, lovely.

This was so good! I loved it.

Do you know how adorable this is?!?!?!?!? Do you?!?!?!? Because I loved every tooth-rotting fluffy moment of it, from the gorgeous start to the fantastic finish. This is the perfect combo of angst, thickheaded characters, fluff, and pure unadulterated love. I almost wish I could go back in time just to appreciate this from the very beginning.

Holy mother fucking shit. That was so BEAUTIFUL! Everything about it! Beautifully paced, beautifully written, beautifully characterised! I can’t get over it. So many moments made me gasp and made my heart flood with emotion! ‘The love of my life’ what a perfect realisation for the two of them! And it was truly written as a love story. I could see them truly being in love and not just ‘here’s two hot guys. Now they’re fucking!’ I can’t get over this. I’m going to reread it so much!

aaaaaaaa this was wonderful!!! I love the characterization!!!!

Very nice!

Those adorable dummies! Their banter is just perfect, especially at the diner at the beginning, comparing views on politics and sports and religion. I’d kill to write so well!

I loved this

This was very sweet. ??


Can’t sleep. Too much on my mind and my back hurts so damned much.

Katie’s child care arrangements for the baby imploded because REASONS and I know them but am too smart to commit them to print, let me just say NOT HER FAULT. So I can’t likely go to Toronto in November; if I do get away it will be in October. Heavy sigh.

Buster vanished all day but he’s home now.

I have to walk my grandkid to timmy ho’s tomorrow honest to christ given how I am now I’ll cab over there