once again the furnace turned itself off

I got my metformin and learned because my pharmacist is a mensch that I’ll get my inderal today. I wanted to pick up treats at Timmy Ho’s and there were 14 countem 14 people in the lineup, so I picked up meat instead at Farm Town. FORGOT MY FRIKKING BANK CARD and my credit card was declined. (It’s variable, haven’t been able to figure out why.) So whoopsy doodle in the car. The car seems fine except that it’s idling at a bit higher clip than previously.

Finally Paul and I get to go for a walk! I’ll call him at some point this a.m. and we can find a mall to go walking in if it’s raining too hard for the great outdoors.

I’m in a good mood for whatever reason. Who knows why, it’s all super weird.

14,672. Finished with the phone scene, on to the cuddles