ordinary day

In clinic appointment tomorrow.

Enjoying season 3 of Jack Ryan. It’s copaganda on a global scale, and still I like it because this season we have the Russians to kick again.

Started Season 3 of Farscape. The weirdness continues and we’ve lost/are losing one of my favourite characters. (Virginia Hey playing Zhaan. She had to quit the show because the makeup put her kidneys into failure.)

Twitter’s functionality and algorithms continue to circle the drain. They changed it so you can’t control what you see in your feed so it’s non stop stupid advertising and actively right wing propaganda. AND VERY OCCASIONALLY a social media flare sent up by a dear internet friend.

So I’m more on tumblr, which I enjoy, but I have to go roust the spambots every morning (BlockAndReport).

Just learned that all of Thandiwe Newton’s forays into parenting resulted in home births (besides a new generation of actors) (say nepo babies and I’ll whack you, I already explained nepotism in my Upsun books and I’m just going to tap the sign) and I’m quietly squeeing to myself.

Jeff brought dinner in last night from Earl’s. We do enjoy the blackened chicken.

Life proceeds; all is calm here. There’s a leftover pancake in the fridge from yesterday – I made strawberry blueberry pancakes. Texturally they put me in mind of a great poem from my youth, but Jeff and I had no difficulty with them.

Ginny made some donuts / she made them by the peck / one rolled out a window / and broke a horse’s neck

You know the feeling when you’re lying in bed like a slug and your brother’s emptying the dishwasher?