and the friends keep coming

Jarmo and Susanna were in town! they took me and Mike to pho on Main Street and we had a lovely lunch. Susanna particularly was in good spirits, and Jarmo was talking about his latest invention (he is exceedingly inventive.)

Then Mike drove up to Dana Larsen’s joint on Hastings, just past the blue graffiti of FUCK ThE CITY OF VANCOUVER AND THE VPD, and I am not publicly stating what he bought but I personally was eyeing the ‘cocacchino‘ (see the pic in the article) which is coca leaf tea with syrup and honey and…. then decided it’s counter-indicated by all the freaking blood pressure medication I’m taking. Anyway, the age of degeneracy is here and you can openly buy clinical DMT for personal use and some king hell mushrooms – ones that are wwwaaaayyy trippier than cubensis.

Then he drove me home but he said he wanted to stop at the Bohemian. He says it’s his fave cannabis shoppe and if they have afghan style hash, Jolt THC lozenges and a ten percent seniors discount for tokers over 60, why the hello nurse wouldn’t I return.

All the way there and back again we were listening to (outbound) Simon and Garfunkel and on the way back… Creedence Clearwater Revival. And singing our fool heads off. LOL. Mike has achieved oneness with that vehicle.

Then we got back to our place and he and I and Jeff watched the Creedence Clearwater Revival documentary, and Mike went home for dinner.

The family meeting didn’t happen, for various good reasons.

Thinking about going to church this morning. I’ll drop by Caspell Junction if I do, just in case Paul wants to go.

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