Digestion equals weirdness

Something is rearranging itself amidships. Nothing hurts, but it’s very odd and my usual schedule is non existent. For example I was woken from a sound sleep at 2 am for a run to the john…. but everything was fine. Just urgent. It is possible this is Metformin reminding me that it needs to be taken 1.5 hours earlier in the evening, in which case, carry on, noble poop chute.

Suzanne was here, and I slept through most of it since I was having a super off day. She folded my last load of laundry, may blessings rain. She’s barely recovered from her walking pneumonia. No fever or cough or anything, for me it was just exhaustion. Sometimes I think I have to schedule a recovery day after seeing Paul. Katie advised that she saw the salt I got for her and got into her biscotti delivery already.

Got the Wordle in three (such a lucky guess, that second one) and two top five scores and one best score in Lumosity, so my general feeling that whatever my body is doing my brain is in reasonable order continues. Celebrated with a giant mug of coffee. Nom.

Today, STEW. We bought a roast yesterday so I cut it in half so that Jeff and I can have a mini roast beast for a Sunday dinner soon and hacked the other half into stew bites. Also prepped all the rest of the meat we purchased yesterday into strips for stir fries, so I’m ready to go with pork and chicken strips.

Keith and Alex are having a wonderful time in Victoria and you have no idea how happy that makes me. mOm is bursting with family visit vibes in consequence. It’s very nice to have family that you like, trust, enjoy and honour. I greet and thank my ancestors and accept their gifts and lessons with humility and a desire to honour them. ‘cept for the land stealing bit, but if my suspicions are correct and I’m descended from the Sakai the land stealing is kinda what we did/do and we’ll have to unlearn it.

Every morning with Buster is different. He made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in training today and so I dropped treats on his head and watched as he lay down and lazily stretched out to pop them in his mouth (he uses his front paws like hands A LOT).

A couple of days back the flicker was on the food platform yelling for sunflower seeds; two mornings ago a fox sparrow danced up and down the side yard, cheeping, very obviously dancing for food (Jeff was most struck by its movements, which seemed out of the ordinary). And the crows came in droves yesterday; I put out all the suet and fat from the meat trimmings just before sunset, when the crows are overhead going back to their roosts, and it was GONE within MINUTES. Better some fat get in their bellies than it turn into rancid malodorous vapours in the compost bucket.

Cousin Alex is hosting her mOm this weekend.

If you get a chance to see John Waters’ 2015 commencement address it’s worth seeing. Elder creators who gave themselves to their art and support up and comers so fiercely are a blessing on this world.

There is at least a foot of snow on everything. It is already starting to melt but lord God I am not looking forward to shovelling the front sidewalk. Jeff will assess what else may need to be done and then do it. I’m taking the little chair out there with me, I came so close to stroking out the last brace of snowfalls (or it felt that way, I ‘greyed out’ a couple of times.)

22099 words. For whatever reason this part is easy to write. Then I finish the section (it’s too long to be a chapter) by going back to where I started with Blossom, and mirroring their journey in Guyana with a road trip. TO OTTAWA and beyond LOL.



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