No problem picking up the lad

Alex and Katie and Dax got family time, Ryker’s off at Dad Mike’s until 4 pm today, Keith and Paul safely arrived at Hank’s and things are okay here, too. The most interesting thing about Alex from yesterday is that he has an irrational fear of alleyways. Was NOT expecting that.

17888 words.

The US shot down a UFO over Cumtown, Alaska, 69 days before 4/20.  Whoever’s running this simulation has a simply terrible sense of humour and should be chided with great chidings. Apparently the UFO was the size of a car, moving independently ‘but erratically’ and nobody is saying a goddamned thing about who might be behind it.

Jeff and I fell face down into the show on Netflix called “The Sinner”. We’re basically bingeing it. I don’t recommend it unless you like noir, recovered memories, police procedural … that sort of thing. Bill Pullman is terrifyingly good. You think ‘well he’s not really doing anything’ but his exhaustion and anguish and desperation is always an eyelash flick away from the surface. I’m glad I’m watching it because Ronit Kirchman, who wrote the score and theme, really knows what the hell she’s doing and comes up with some apposite industrial and non-standard soundtrack music. With her stuff you’re either not even hearing it because it so closely matches the events on screen it’s seamless, or it’s so good you wish that part could play longer…

I did almost none of the things I said I’d do yesterday, but candidly any day I don’t run out into the street starkers yelling bushwah is a day on the positive side of the ledger.

Walmart Canada has apparently removed its dressing rooms because ‘they were causing too much trouble’. WUT. Okay you know how it’s legal in Canada for a woman to have her tiddies out publiquement, just none of us DO it? well I don’t unless I’m at Wreck Beach, but whatever. I was just thinking legal boobs, no changing room, art prank, Walmart: GO!

I slept okay til about two, and now I’m trying to degrump myself to prepare for the schlep since Jeff has agreed that’s the plan. I’m setting my alarm so I don’t sleep thru the departure time again, like yesterday ….



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