Finger much improved

Everything else is a disaster. Housing most especially.

Paul is not really packed but the truck is rented, it’s basically going to be me and Keith, and I’m probably going to be a wreck by the time we have to get the truck back. I’m going over around 8 am, no sense going earlier. At least he’ll be somewhere he knows the neighbourhood and can get around okay to this point and transition to memory care is within the facility.  Rob is down the street, I’m five blocks away (literally), he’s blocks from Peggy.

There’s no way for Paul to interpret what’s going on as anything less than an interpersonal disaster. He hasn’t lived alone in his entire life, as far as I can tell; he’s either lived with family, lived with a girlfriend or lived in a co-op with friends/acquaintances/family. I’ll be having to figure out how often I go see him for a cuppa and walk around for errands; I said twice a week but I don’t even know at this point if I’ve got that in me. The car stays with me for the time being but it’s the spare car for the kids if anything goes wrong with theirs and that’s an anytime thing, Keith hasn’t really been maintaining his car because of money, and Katie has an ongoing issue with her vehicle which could brick it overnight. And in fact, since Ryker had the choice between tossing his mother’s wallet in the toilet or her keyfob and picked the wallet, she’s already had one helluva near miss as she most entertainingly recounted yesterday.

Katie’s located a possible rental in Sapperton but the rent is more than half of the total rent on the place she’s in now, and she’s splitting that 3 ways. She is not moving in with Dax as she doesn’t think they’re getting along well enough right now. The heat and constant drumbeat of dread around housing is very hard on relationships and my own eyes tell me Dax has been working hard to make it better but what can I say, ADD women are a challenge to ‘go to housekeeping’ with. (American expression circa Rev. War)

I used to think I’d go back to Ontario, but DoFo took away rent control and I’m on a fixed income, so unless someone wants to put my name on a lease for below market rent I’m sitting it out.

The Humidex will be 30 today at the height of the move. Oh well, at least my finger is well enough to assist.

head like a whacked hive

350 words on TB yesterday (note to mOm, infill, not new SO don’t expect an installment until after I’ve recovered from the move)

Bluesky is inimical to Black creators, BEEG SURPREEZ

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