No bruises and only my legs are sore

The move went as smoothly as one could expect or hope. We had a slow, panicked start (Keith and I fucking near died of having our eyes pop out but Keith maintained) when we learned that the move couldn’t happen because Paul didn’t have insurance for his studio apartment and Keith had already rented the truck. Fortunately Lois and Ruth are back in the country after their amazing trip to Portugal and they GOT ON THE CASE, and all was well, and we started loading the truck pretty fast after that. Dax helped get one of the ugliest pieces into the truck (he didn’t help with loadout because he was working on his car).

Alex volunteered and rode shotgun with Uncle. He was of material assistance the whole way through. (off topic aside to mOm – Maybe Richie seems like an unrealistic character but when I have kids like Alex in my life he’s easy to imagine!) Paul bought we four lunch in the Wendy’s on 6th and I asked Alex if he’d ever been misgendered because of his hair – his brilliant hair – and he LAUGHED and said “Once, an older new kid at the school. So yeah I have been misgendered.” And continued to dip his fries in his frosty, as one does.

I told Katie that night that Alex was so helpful and hardworking it was amazingly wonderful and balm for my wounded nerves.

Anyway, the rest of the move is up to cars moving boxes and this is me being happy because he’ll be safe.

I got very hot, but I was very consistent about hydration and Keith helped me manage how many times I took the stairs. Needless to say Keith performed heroic service and I love and respect him right now more than I ever have, which was a lot.

Came home and there was Rocky Point Strawberry ice cream in the fridge. One word. Exquisite.

Love y’all, more later.


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