spoke to Dave, he seems in good spirits

helped with the 3 weekends running yard sale again yesterday, where I was told what I was expected (!?) to haul away from Paul’s old room, and where I found Paul’s soaring logbook since he was almost in tears at the idea of losing it (found it in seconds…Paul could describe but not *see* it) then went to Peggy’s, where in addition to being served my healthy whole wheat pasta and green salad lunch by Peggy’s preternaturally solemn granddaughter I heard (after she left) a piece of gossip so extremely

Comic book effect applied to a photo of allegra sloman, a middle aged white woman, showing extreme levels of astonishment and virtually all of her teeth

that I only wish I could share it with anyone who cared. We three sang bluegrass standards and filk of various denominations.

I am going to Orycon; we’ll drive; Cindy will be (inshallah) healing from her first carpal tunnel surgery so I may get to spell her more often than not which is fine because I fucking love that stretch of road as much as I love the stretch of the 401 between Cornwall and London…. There is a LOT of pentup demand for a con after a two year absence so I’m sure it will be a banger for all involved.

The con will be masked. Here are the deets.

a couple hundred words on TB

Osoyoos is about to burn down. In light of that how unfortunate is this?


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