Goldarned activist judges

Kirk Makin of the Globular Male writes:

The Supreme Court of Canada has voted unanimously to strike down a controversial federal procedure used to deport suspected terrorists as being a violation of life, liberty and security of the person.

The security certificate process is hopelessly flawed and must be redrafted by parliament to eliminate the extreme secrecy in which hearings to determine the reasonableness of certificates take place, the court said.

Gosh.  Darn.  I guess there’s a fighting chance that even with a blue eyed fanatic in power we can still have something resembling civil liberties in this country.  God Bless Canuckistan.

An extraordinary phone call

Last night I did a wide variety of untoward things.  I refused to participate in somebody’s addiction by applying my “new moral standards” (aw, go ahead and snicker, I don’t blame you) and it actually worked.  My interlocutor quit the behaviour.  The phone call transitioned from something stupid into a demonstration of mutual trust and friendship.  So instead of feeling lousy and abused this morning, I feel like a human being with some pretty remarkable friends.