circle and other things

When we finish lighting candles at our small group ministry, this is what it looks like.

Katie’s off with Lexi to go work out, and Keith is reading and I’m contemplating all the things I don’t want to do today! I have three separate church services or meetings to go to this weekend, but it’s made easier by the fact that Paul is working and therefore not so resentful of the call on my time.

Mike brought Hero (starring Jet Li) over last night and we all sat around – all six of us if you can believe it – and watched it on his LAPTOP because the freaking disk ne marche pas in the DVD player downstairs. Wonderful movie. Keith, wonder child that he is, got quite bent over the sound tinniness and crawled around the floor for a while liberating the speakers from the desk top so we could have surround sound. I have to admit it really improved the quality of the experience, and that is an amazing screen for a laptop. I’m glad the chesterfield Granny gave me is so big. We had pasta for supper again.

Zeek! the mighty hunter ate a mouse in front of Katie this morning. He waited until she was gazing out the back door, horror struck, and then siphoned it down. And we just dewormed the little buggers, too. He’s off to the vet next Friday to get his teeth cleaned and some of them yoinked. Then he insisted on breakfast too! What a porker. They are going to look at what appears to be a mass in his stomach but when he went to the vet’s last he probably ate a mouse for a midnight snack and then had breakfast, so the vet was probably worrying over nothing. After the deworming treatments Kira is not coughing so much; the vet said that if that was the problem she would gradually start coughing less and less over about two months. She’s definitely much more skittery than normal (even for her) but that could be the wind and the rain and being more housebound. Heavy sigh. I wish I could write something thought provoking and marvellous, but all I can think of is that guy I read about on Fark, who caught fire during an attempt to fix his automobile and stopped, dropped and rolled…. into a tray of gasoline. Although he was an idiot up until that point, the doctors treating his array of burns said he did all the right things afterwards, like bypass the local hospital and go to a burn specialist and keep the burns moist. What it is to have hindsight.

Paul went for a run this morning. I should make my lunch for the music meeting and cut up some vegetables. I should cure cancer, promote peace and clean my room, but really I think I’ll curl up with Good Soldier Svejk for a while.

Paul said “I am going to try an experiment and try not to be so critical and praise more.” So of course he got into a fight with Katie about Lynn biting her. Well, Katie did step on her hair, even if it was an accident. Anyway, after Katie got busted for assault in March (Oh, didn’t I mention that?) we’re a little sensitive on the subject around here so I can understand why Paul got exercised, but it’s been like Rashomon, hearing Katie’s version, and Keith’s version, and I’ve yet to hear from Paul except to dismiss the whole thing. Anyway I think that Katie’s been punished enough and she’s still on speaking terms with Lynn, who would probably laugh at the notion of pressing charges, so I think the whole thing is a tempest in a teapot, although I can’t help but idly wonder how entertaining pictures of this catfight would have been if someone had been present minded enough to snap them. (I am the personification of evil motherhood, sigh.)

Art Spiegelmann has a new book out, and I intend to purchase it. Anything that reproduces a lot of Little Nemo and Katzenjammer Kids can’t be all bad.

The new Strangers in Paradise is out, 68 I think. It better be better than the last 6 or so, they all sucked gas station restroom mops.

Okay, they were drawn well, Terry can’t do anything EXCEPT draw well, but plotwise they were skanky.

Wonkette continues to make me her biggest Canadian fan. I love her take on things. When she’s wrong, she actually says so, which is more than I can say for the likes of Michelle Malkin. Have you read her latest column? It’s a hate crime with a byline. Speaking of pundits, I think that Molly Ivins is starting to misplace her outrage and veer off into despair. Her invective is gone, she just sounds tired and sad, although of COURSE she still makes lots of sense.

Is it just me, or are you experiencing Schadenfreude over all the Repulsigan gay / bi pols in the States that are being outed left right and cosmetics aisle? There are more to come, as well, according to the gimlet eyed gent who has made it his business to out every gay person who had anything to do with the Defense of Marriage act in the US.

I light a candle for the victims of Beslan.

I talk to a LOT of Floridians in my job, and they’ve been chattier than normal of late. Mr. Z. in Ocala FL told me that Floridians are, man woman and child, crazy right now. The stress and panic and general freakedoutness is so high that people feel like running down the street shrieking – and they’d be moving faster than the cars on the I95, as he opined. He also said that it SUCKS to be in construction in FL right now because – and I had NO IDEA this was the case, lumber is unbelieveably expensive and concrete more so. WHY? Because China due to the construction boom and Three Gorges, is eating about 70% of the world’s construction material capacity right now. So not only are Floridians going to be hampered in their cleanup efforts by the fact that another couple of hurricans may blow through before the middle of November, the prices to rebuild are insane. I am willing to bet that the current softwood lumber debate in the US will evaporate by the end of the year. The US is simply going to be too hungry for construction materials to want to dicker over tariffs. If all the construction heavies in FL hold a gun to Jeb Bush’s head, just watch how fast those negotiations turn around. You can bet your sweet ass that the major construction companies in FL are NOT headed up by pinko softy Democraps.