the puddle

Katie dragged Keith and me down to the puddle (Canada Games Pool) last night to work out, and I couldn’t stand the idea of being alone in my pain so I called Tom and Peggy. I’m already down two pounds from Monday so I can’t say I’m unhappy, and I’m sleeping lots better.

Couple hundred thousand people without power now in the South, but I guess people actually took the warnings seriously and not many fatalities. Katie’s bitching about her math and socials and how hard it is to do this year. She only does two courses at a time and it’s compressed and you can’t possibly miss a day, and there’s some inducement because you get a free lunch every week if you have perfect attendance. Keith is not talking about school much, but he did get a cinnamon bun off Natasha 2 yesterday, so that was the high point of his day. Must fly, have to herd kids into car and get to work.