Circle at Carol’s last night, very pleasant. Paul and Dan busy ripping up the basement floor (again) and Dan reputed to have said, How attached are you to this house? Brr.

I see Christy Clark is off to look after her 3 year old son Hamish. I think she’s off to look after Christy Clark, personally. Christy Clark, for those of you who don’t follow BC politics, is the deputy premier and generally considered one of the sharpest (in a political sense) of Gordo’s Merry Band of Troughlickers. She’s been stuck in the McFamilies portfolio with no hope of parole and has said so in public, so you know she’s choked.

So supposing you’re young, and well-connected, and energetic, and you’re hanging around with a bunch of guys who hate women and are too smart to say so in public? And your connections tell you something entertaining – get the f*ck out of cabinet beFORE scandals that will permanently taint you come rolling out of the Basi investigations? She hit a convergence – all the motivation in the world and a keen understanding of her life span as a politician – and she’ll be back in politics in a few years as the familiar-but-fresh-faced, has her priorities straight, untainted by scandal small-l liberal to prop the party up after Gordo’s gotten too smelly to approach. Mark my words, Christy Clark will be Premier during the 2010 Olympics. If that isn’t what she’s planning, I’ll eat something leathery; and I was going to put something rude in here, but my lawyer said it was a bad idea, although within the bounds of satire. Had something to do with Dick Clark.

Zeek! is off to the vet to have dentition rearranged. Wailed like a baby the entire ride; he didn’t get breakfast and that’s a hanging offense as far as he’s concerned. Kira still coughing every morning and every night.

I light a candle for those dead as a consequence of Ivan. There is a much higher fatality toll in the Caribbean than was reported as the truth is bad for tourism, don’t you know. And when there’s no oil to bring the tourists, falsehoods will not avail you.

And Jeanne is coming. I suspect the current track is wrong and she’ll make landfall at the top of Florida. Time to buy orange juice again.