work farewells

Ashley and Matt slept over. Picture of Matt shown doesn’t quite correspond to his charm, wit and intelligence (and for once I’m NOT being sarcastic). There was another picture with him playing with an orange section which definitely reduced his IQ by about 300 points, but I’ll be nice and post the ‘good’ one. Off to Victoria tonight and Courtenay tomorrow. Daysign yesterday on the Skytrain between Lougheed and Lake City was a great blue heron, heading off to Burnaby Lake. Lots of mist, looked very European art film.

Today at work I say goodbye to Jim A, who in the brief span of his employment became one of my all time favourite coworkers, and Tony Z. who has left the company after fifteen years. They will be missed, although likely for different reasons.

Jim gets a bunch of time off and will now blitz the VIFF and sit in a dark room absorbing angst as fast as those little filmmakers can shoot it.

Tony’s gone off to work with a bunch of ex employees of my current locale; I really wish him all the best and hope his skills get put to better use.

Work just got fun and interesting again. But lonelier… my grandboss is moving downstairs. There’s nobody but me and Linds there now. If I’m lucky, or feel like hopping up and down in my seat, I can just barely see the top of Kevin’s head; although in the normal course of events I can hear Arzina and Harry squabbling like an old married couple. Really, it would be very hard to tell, from the outside, that they are in a reporting relationship; usually you don’t hear employees yelling What the Hell are You Doing? to their bosses. I remember Harry telling me one time how happy he was not to have anybody reporting to him, but that didn’t last.

Yes, employee relations can get lively. I remember the time I left my underwear at Mike’s place – he was then my boss – because I had neglected to entirely attire after having soaked in the hot tub (and yes, my husband and kids were present so it’s either much worse than you thought or much less interesting) – and he brought them in the next morning and put in on my desk with a flourish. The good old days. There used to be beer on Fridays at work, too, but that was before my time. And I remember when Gary signed off, his last email was a forward of the very first email he ever got, which was Jim E.’s deathless line, “Tony Z farts too much”.

Arden is sleeping a little better, but not much (see earlier picture). Rob looks a little redeyed, but he was certainly returning fire with a will at the product meeting yesterday. His son would have been proud.