feeeling blah

I am feeling entirely blah, joints achy, fighting off some form of ick. Katie is still headachy but not light sensitive so I am hoping it isn’t a migraine. All I want to do is curl up and drowse, maybe with Svejk to hand, and I have to go to work today.

Paul off to Calgary to fix a recalcitrant airplane. Not an airworthiness item – more light pipe problems. The thing about fibreoptic stuff is that it has many more ways to go weird than plain electrics. And a single box has 18 connectors and if you get one wrong the whole thing is squirrelly. And instead of troubleshooting the techs who aren’t really familiar with the system replace boxes, which frequently doesn’t fix the problem and adds a whole new level of complexity to it. And also people don’t report error messages, on the time honoured military principle that if you don’t report it you don’t have to do anything about it. So wish him luck, the airplane is only going to be on the ground for four hours. We all know Paul is a genius, but four hours to get a fix in for an ongoing glitch in an entertainment system with four separate operating systems all interfacing madly, AND it could be a power issue, AND it could be just cabling, is a bit much. Just a wee tad. Mind you if he pulls it off he’ll be very pleased.

Keith was sparring last night, and he nearly got off unscathed but he fell down when somebody trapped his foot.

Katie and I and Paul and Ashley went to the Canada Games Pool last night and all I did was soak, I was so freaking exhausted. Ashley kept exploding out of her bikini top in the most entertaining way. I’m so tired I can barely lift my arms to type. SIgh.